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Thule - Can


Thule beer brewed with our pure Icelandic water. The nicest beer in the world. Thule has a medium bitter flavor with a pleasant tang of hops, leaving a subtle aftertaste. Light gold in color, it is modeled like Viking on the Pilsner tradition. Alcohol content 5.0% Thule was rated third of 514 beers tasted by the Danish Beer-Lovers' Association (Dansk ølnyderforening) in 1998. Its quality, the tasters reported, "came as a nice surprise." Thule is the second-most sold beer at ÁTVR (Iceland's state alcohol monopoly stores) after Viking, and by far the most popular bottled beer sold in Iceland.

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One 330ml Can U.S. $4.17
6-pack 330ml Can (save 20%) U.S. $20.25
One 500ml Can U.S. $5.50
6-pack 500ml Can (save 20%) U.S. $26.42
Our Price: U.S. $4.21

Thule - Can

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